Farm House


This old house was built in 1900 at 821 South Main Street in Henderson, Nebraska and moved in 2000 to the Heritage Park site. Memories of its inhabitants include the G. A Friesen family, later Klaus K and Helena (Kliewer) Friesen, then the Frank K. Dicks and Frank and Tena Dick for the last 31 years. Reminiscing revealed the hand painting on the upstairs floor was done by the daughter of K. K. Friesen’s, Lena (Friesen) Peters who is the mother of local residents Morris and Keith Peters.

This turn of the century house has been restored to its original condition by volunteers.  It is filled with many antiques, including a pump organ, old cob cooking stove, a parlor stove, a “sleeping bench” and antique baby beds to name only a few.

Small groups of 8 -12 can enjoy a unique dining experience at the Farm House.  Local caterers are available and reservations may be made by contacting Leanna Kroeker at 402-723-4807.



1 thought on “Farm House”

  1. Glad we could contribute to Heritage Park by donating this house in 2000.

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