District #73E Schoolhouse


Education has always been a key element of the Mennonite heritage and the inclusion of the District #73E country school to the park is important.  The school was originally located two miles west of Henderson and was vacated in 1953.  It was then moved to the Dwayne Hiebner farmstead north of Henderson where it had been used as a garage for many years.  It was donated by Hiebner and moved to the park in 2009 and completely refurbished to its original form.  A memory brick patio was built in front of the school around the flagpole.  Bricks may be purchased to commemorate all educators, classes and those who attended country schools for $150 each.  The school is available for school field trips where children can learn hands-on about country school days.

Country School Days Re-enacted

Country School Days Re-enacted

Desks facing the teacher's desk and chalkboard

Desks facing the teacher’s desk and chalkboard


Heartland 4th graders pose for their annual Country School Day at the school!


2 thoughts on “District #73E Schoolhouse”

  1. Bonnie Bowley said:

    It’s wonderful to see this schoolhouse preserved and restored! I believe my mother, Selma Hiebner (Epp) attended this school along with her siblings and was the teacher during its last year in use (1952-53). She kept photos of the school and its 14 pupils from that final year, which she has passed on to me. One of these days I hope to come visit the site!

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