Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park shares about the 1874 journey of 35 Mennonite families immigrating from Holland to Russia then the U.S., who settled in Henderson, Nebraska.

In 1874 the 35 Mennonite families arrived in York County and survived their first winter by living in an immigrant house built by the railroad, serving as a temporary shelter. A replica of this building proudly features immigrant trunks, Russian clocks, dishes, family photos and Bibles, and other precious belongings brought from the old country. It is filled with artifacts showcasing the traditional Mennonite way of life.

The 8 1/2 acre site is open Memorial Day through Labor Day for tours of the turn-of-the-century farmstead, complete with a 100-year-old restored home, granary, chicken house, windmill, summer kitchen, and working outdoor Russian oven. Other buildings include a restored country school, a replica country Mennonite church, a deep well irrigation display, and a restored East Side Cafe.

The Heritage Park is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, Memorial Day to Labor Day, from 1-4 PM, and can be booked for special events and bus tours by appointment. Call 402-723-4559 or 402-723-5793.


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